Arts of Health

The Arts of Health

It is pretty clear now that the early Taoists in China were explaining, as best they could, a newly-discovered method of preserving health and extending their lives.  This was couched in the language of the times – with all kind of cultural accretions.

Consider the opening lines to Chapter Sixteen to the Tao-te Ching :..

  1. Returning to the Root

        Entering utter emptiness, I guard a deep sense of peace. All the ten-thousand things are created while I watch their rise and fall…

  All things flourish, each one returning to its root. Returning to the root they are at peace, this means they return to life; returning to life they are eternal.

This could be seen as philosophical….but it is not purely:  as other chapters explain it describes an intimate, personal experience – cultivated through a technique of softening the breathing in and out through the nose and mouth.  They had discovered the psycho-somatic effects of deep relaxation, and autonomic self-regulation.  Literally they had learn, through deep Yoga, to control (viz.self-control) their own body bio-chemistry – to heal themselves and perpetuate life.  No mean feat.  My translation of the Tao-te Ching reveals it as a manual on qigong practice, i.e. the regulation of breath, mind and body, as a unity – as one vehicle, for our life. 

As an example follow this link, to a new page giving Chapter Sixteen in its entirety.  Here on this site you will find an opportunity to download the whole of this work, as an e-book.

A Five Finger Plan for Health – diet, exercise, rest and sleep, a social life, a purpose.

The Five Elements

Wood, Metal, Fire, Earth, Water

Babe’s Breathing – Instruction Booklet


An Old Taoist Stretch  Download the eBook for £3.99. Payment secure through Paypal.  Contact me for delivery after payment by clicking below.. Thank you.


Preview this exercise on YouTube here.

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